ultra rare
February 25, 2016 — 8:08

This track, featured on The Black Lotus’ late-period Amiga demo, “Glow”, is featured simply because it came out so relatively late in the Amiga’s lifespan, and “Glow” only worked on faster computers, if memory serves. So, as well as featuring obscure stuff which is really old, sometimes we’ll feature neat, ‘obscure’ stuff that may have appeared after most people left the Amiga scene, or demos needed to be run on Amigas with accelerators. So, we @ ST-00 are big fans of Dutch .MOD-geek Supernao (aka Nao, earlier!) and his super-perky music, and in this case, the collaboration with king of the Goa style, Azazel, seems to have worked out really good – it’s seven minutes of gorgeously chilled cut-up breaks. We dig it mucho.

Despite being in such famous groups as The Silents, Anarchy and Scoopex, the French duo of NHP and BKH simply aren’t THAT famous in the whole .MOD recognisability stakes, perhaps at least partly because they didn’t do scores to many well-known demos (their most famous production was probably the “Spring Melodies” music-disc for Anarchy). This tune did soundtrack a Silents France demo, though, just not that famed a one. Of course, NHP+BKH had to fight with the saintly Audiomonster to do sountracks for Silents France demos, which can’t have helped! Which is why this great, fairly early (1991?) track gets into our rare/overlooked section with ease.

Rather obscure and roundly slept-on, this track from the zany Polish musician Dreamer (infamous in .MOD circles by composing at least one tune in Protracker so it ran backwards, from the bottom of the pattern to the top!) was used to highlight Lazur’s spectacular pixel-drawn graphics in the Nah-Kolor slideshow, “Sun”, which came out sometime in about 1995. We highlighted another of his tunes in the ‘classic .MODs’ section, but this particular track, which starts by cutting up Enya, and then moves smoothly into tweaky breakbeats, is well worth a listen..