overlooked MODs
February 25, 2016 — 14:21

Mad Freak/Anarchy, later known as Julius/Lemon., is best known for his great tunes in Anarchy’s classic “3D Demo II”, plus his tune in Lemon.’s “Announce”, both brilliant. But this much lesser-known track, unreleased in any demo, shows his brilliance at laid-back, contemplative .MODs, whilst showing the extent to which Enigma’s album which included “Sad(e?)ness” influenced the whole demo scene at the time (about ’91?) Dr.Awesome memorably sampled the drums for one of his compositions, and whilst this track doesn’t have as obvious samples in it, it’s still awfully reminiscent of Enigma/Deep Forest, but with an additional something that makes it a little special..

Just to confuse things, Randall took his name from the famous hardcore/jungle DJ and his group name from the famous hardcore/jungle label – but he actually had nothing to do with either of them! He was, however, Swedish, and evidently a voracious consumer and regurgitor of early jungle tracks, as this particular .MOD shows. He has been accused of simply recreating existing tracks as .MODs, but the drum programming is devilishly nimble, and the tracks he’s ‘borrowing’ from tend to be so obscure we can hardly tell – and in the end, for 1993-1995, his tunes sounded so good, nobody cared! This is from the 13-floppy-disc music-disc (?!) called “Dance Diverse II”.. which, needless to say, not a lot of people got to hear..

From the Dutch and multi-talented Hein, this semi-forgotten gem of a track, itself a cover/re-interpretation of an old C64 tune by Wave (Jeroen Tel), I’ve heard..(UPDATE: it’s from the C64 game soundtrack “Rubicon” by Jeroen Tel and Rene Ouwehand, .SID file here, play it with Sidplay, thanks to _SoLo_..) Anyhow, Hein’s version came out in about 1993 alongside the classic demo of the same name. Hein went on to do the game Disposable Hero, amongst other things, but nothing has _ever_ been as catchy as this monster. Please repeat play forever. 🙂