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February 25, 2016 — 8:08

Oxide/Sonik – “Agnostic”

Anything related to the demo-group Sonic (later Sonik Clique) simply oozes class, especially with their best-ever line-up of chip musicians (Stargazer, Maza, Oxide, Grim, Organic, *DROOL*), and this Oxide track from 1993 or so is no exception. Not even bothering with any drums, it’s pure retro flava, with lots and lots of swooping synth bends and almost SID-like percussion. You can tell Sonik musicians (all Finnish, btw) took the C64 ball and ran with it, and the synthetic results are wonderful to listen to even nowadays. Not sure where this was used in – since it’s called Agnostic, something to do with an Agnostic Front demo/intro/cracktro, maybe?

Monty/Analog – “Mario, Sometimes”

Coming out of France, Monty/Analog, who also hung out in a bunch of other groups (including Paradox, Angels, Scoopex, Equinox, Interpol, Us – thanks to the man himself for filling me in!) is one of those semi-famous but exceptionally good chip-musicians, and this track, from 1992, is darn funky, has great segues and middle sequences, and isn’t actually a conversion of anything Mario-related in the slightest, heh. Finally, note the shout-outs in the song-text to some of the coolest French scene-mafia of the time (Nam, Reflex, Alex, Reverse..) – the boy got connections. 😛

Bass/TSL – “Dicky Faty Loremy”

From the Silents Germany enclave that sprung up in about 1991, releasing the rather excellent “Static Chaos” demo before disappearing almost as fast (something about some of them getting busted?), this smart chiptune from Bass, aka Patrick Lindsey, shows off his rather rockin’ freestyle approach to sharp, funky chiptunes. From then on, after playing some semi-pro basketball (!), he got into the German techno scene, releasing stuff on classic German label, Harthouse. But from his early .MOD days, this is a really fun+funky piece of kq xsmb chiphoprisy..

Hi-Lite/TRSI – “Purple Shades”

Another crack-tune favorite, this from Hi-Lite of S!P (Surprise Productions) of TRSI – yep, a subgroup of a group, how confusing. Anyhow, Hi-Lite is renowned mainly for his chip-tunes, and was also in Scoopex too at some point, later contributing to the TRSI Records hardtrance CDs alongside Scorpik, Dreamfish and others. But this relatively early, supremely catchy effort (about 1992, was it?) is a great example of a chip-tune, only 5k zipped, and superbly bouncy. We like, we like a lot..

Random Voice – “Monday”

One of those classic chip-tunes that you know you’ve heard a million times, but can’t quite place (did this appear in a bunch of crack-intros? please advise!), “Monday” is a wonderful piece of arpegiating class from Edvin Fladen, all the way from Norway, and was released wayback in ’91. In any case, Random Voice later joined Symbiosis under his real name and contributed to Bjorn Lynne’s classic floppy-disc musicmag, AM/FM, but this is the only tune he’s particularly known for, and we, frankly, adore it.

Mel-O-Dee/DCS – “Trainer Or Die”

Not related to the Finnish Mellow-D (who later turned into fm+tpolm mainstay, md), this Mel-O-Dee was a German chip-musician who seems to have come from a rich C64 heritage, and it certainly shows in this classic crack-intro-styled tune, probably for a game ‘trainer’ allowing you infinite lives and so on daftar sbobet online, hence the name and the speech sample! Actually pretty large for a chip-tune (55k uncrunched!), but we’ll let him off this time, since it’s so cool, huh? 🙂

TDK/Melon Design – “Russian Theme”

TDK/Melon, aka Mark Knight, was always in the top echelon of early, catchy chip-composers, and his work with the geniuses at Melon on their tiny and brilliant Crystal crack-intros was without compare, as was this particular soundtrack to the “Tetris Intro” by Melon, a phenomenal 40k intro from back in ’91..

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    February 25, 2016 — 8:08