Small Business Cards From American Express

Small Business Cards From American Express

Small business cards are increasingly popular for small and mid-sized business. Especially they are a point of interest for those entrepreneurs who don’t qualify for conventional business credits, easily accessible for market giants. Basically, these are businessmen who can’t apply to well-off  members of family, friends or colleagues for extra money. American Express is a world leader on the respective market, and their brand products in this category are among the best ones.

It doesn’t matter what is the essence of your company activity, since a small business card is a really powerful tool for majority of cases. One thing which really matters in this issue is wise usage of card credit line.

What Are Major Features Of Small Business Credit Cards:

–  higher spending limits;

–  more generous rewards programs;

–  additional benefits, f.e. low APRs;

– favorable balance transfer promotions,

– personalized support service,

– fringe benefits;

– zero annual fee for the first year;

– convenient mobile banking.

San Diego, California, USA – April 12, 2011: A close up of the three major credit cards, American Express, Mastercard, And Visa.

New And The Most Interesting Options From American Express Offered In 2018:

  • Hilton Honors American Express Business Card – this is really a very helpful card for those businessmen that have many business trips, need nights in hotel and various travel services. The main perk is additional bonus points while staying in hotels or resorts of the global Hilton network, and even free vacation nights. To earn more bonuses, the client should spend more than $3000 from the card.
  • The Business Gold Rewards Card – spend every day and get more rewards. Pleasant mobile banking tips are G Suite by Google Cloud with accessing Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar from your card account. If you fully pay your loan back on balance in a month, there are no interest charges.
  • SimplyCash® Plus Business Credit Card – with this type of card banking products you can forget about a credit limit. Cash back of 3% on those purchases go with no overlimit fees. However, spending limit is set individually in accordance with your payment history,  previous credit records and other factors. Major perk is no annual fee.
  • The Plum Card® – offer #1 from American Express. Without a preset limit, this card  enables a client with a special purchasing power in accordance with own needs and The Plum terms. Major benefit for SMB is flexible payment terms: early pay discount and more days to pay, so it’s client who decides when to pay: in advance or in a period up to 60 days to avoid paying interest.
  • The Business Platinum Card® – is very good offer for medium companies’ business trips. Due to the card of this type you may get $200 credit for a certain airline service fee. The bonus offer covers about 1000 airports lounges in more than 120 countries. However, there is one strict demand: to pay your balance in complete amount each month to envisage zero interest charging.

So if you business qualifies for SMB segment, study these card offers from major US operator.

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  1. Hello, thank you to the authors for the excellent article. I have a small
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